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3M Paint Protection Film ppf

3M Paint Protection Film ppf

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The specifications for 3M ppf Scotchgard Pro Series include a pressure-sensitive adhesive made of Polyethylene backing material and a Urethane base film, with a transparent and clear color. The liner color is also clear, and the thickness measures at 0.2mm. Although the backing sheet no longer has the 3M logo, it is still an authentic 3M product that is directly purchased from 3M.

Since 2006, 3M Ventureshield has been a popular film that meets demanding OEM specifications, featuring a 0.21mm urethane film with a high-quality gloss clear coat. Its pressure-sensitive adhesive provides excellent adhesion to OEM paints, but can also be removed when necessary. However, Venturesield does not possess the self-healing and stain and scratch-resistant properties that the Pro Series Film does.

The clear film of both Pro Series and Venturesield helps protect the car's paint from harsh conditions, such as stone chips, road debris, bug acid, and other elements that can cause damage and reduce the value of your investment.


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